Yellow candles shedding viscous tears Shedding off my adolescent fears Making the shadows of my fingers Dance against these desolate corners Little lights tickling my eyes Reminding me of effervescent years Making me romanticize That stars are still within my reach like tears Stuck in a moment, lost in a daydream Outside, things are never … Continue reading Web



Memories melting on my wall Illusions begging for attention Here in my veins they long to crawl To feed my broken soul’s addiction Self-righteous truth claiming to be The antidote to my poison Taunting my imagination And walking on the shattered mirrors That reflect the only light Here inside my mind tonight The world sinks … Continue reading INCANDESCENT


Feelings don’t die; they just sleep Beneath still waters running deep Thoughts fermented by time They turned into words drenched in wine Memories don’t fade; they just hide In desolate corners of my mind Pain fermented by tears It turned into songs you won’t hear Loving is not owning But baby, I want you Oh, … Continue reading ALCOHOL