Weeping Violins

With a heavy heart I walk People think I’m crazy because I talk To myself about false hopes and regrets A heart too broken never forgets An old man plays his erhu How ruthless of him to remind me of you And make me cry like weeping violins As I try to walk away from … Continue reading Weeping Violins


Sinking Ships

I know I’ve reached the end of my trail I choose to lose and I choose to fail Life is a game that I’ll never win Some sailors just don’t know how to swim Telling myself what this is about Checking myself for last-minute doubt I have secrets to take to the grave Some sinking … Continue reading Sinking Ships

Incandescent (original)

https://youtu.be/AIIC3tn0GnM Memories melting on my wall Illusions begging for attention Here in my veins they long to crawl To feed my broken soul’s addiction Self-righteous truth claiming to be The antidote to my poison Taunting my imagination And walking on the shattered mirrors That reflect the only light Here inside my mind tonight The world … Continue reading Incandescent (original)


Yellow candles shedding viscous tears Shedding off my adolescent fears Making the shadows of my fingers Dance against these desolate corners Little lights tickling my eyes Reminding me of effervescent years Making me romanticize That stars are still within my reach like tears Stuck in a moment, lost in a daydream Outside, things are never … Continue reading Web