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Yellow candles shedding viscous tears
Shedding off my adolescent fears
Making the shadows of my fingers
Dance against these desolate corners

Little lights tickling my eyes
Reminding me of effervescent years
Making me romanticize
That stars are still within my reach like tears

Stuck in a moment, lost in a daydream
Outside, things are never what they seem
Caught in a web of thoughts on the ceiling
Trapped in a fantasy worth living



I will never say what I have to say
I just want to leave things unspoken
I should never chase what I’ve given up
and waste my time on the uncertain
I should never dwell on what could have been
should not tell you what you mean to me
I should never cling to what never was
and dream about what we’ll never be

A Girl Like Me

You think you know me better
Much better than I do
You think that you are perfect
That I should be like you
Go walk a mile in my shoes
Walk a mile down the street
A girl like me cannot choose
The troubles that I meet

Wasn’t my fault
God made a mistake
But by default
I’m the one to take
All the blame
And all the stares
Life is cruel
It is unfair

To a girl like me