The Saddest People

“I think the saddest people always try to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anybody else to feel like that.”

This. This. This is exactly what i wanted to say to people or friends who just laughed when I told them I was depressed. They laughed because they thought it was not possible for me to be depressed because I was always there to make them happy, make everyone laugh, make their day, and help them every time I could. They laughed because they often see me smile and laugh. What they don’t know is that at night, when I am alone, I am a different person. I am the saddest being you would ever see. As ladies remove their makeup before sleep, I remove the smile that I painted earlier in the morning. I know how it feels to be miserable and underappreciated… I don’t want anyone to feel that way… That is why I try my best to make others happy. I make them feel good and appreciated. I never show my own wounds because it can make them sad, too. However, here’s is the price I pay: no one believes me when I say I am exceedingly sad.


16 thoughts on “The Saddest People

  1. hitandrun1964

    Take better care of yourself. Let your friends in. Your life may be better if you let them understand. You would want them to be honest with you, I imagine, because you care. Give them the chance to do the same thing:)

  2. Patrice

    I believe you. I know you. I am you. Find friends that do not laugh. For they are true friends that will last.
    Thank you for your ‘Follow’!!! So appreciated 😀

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  5. Remi

    You are making changes that will help shift the emotional balance for you. Just realize that even ‘happy’ people aren’t happy every minute. Everyone has ups and downs, though some if us tend to be down more than up and that’s our ‘normal’ state. Anxiety and anger can keep a state of depression hanging on, so maybe ask yourself some questions about this and figure out if there is something you can do to alleviate anything you have control over. And if the way you are feeling is extreme or intense most of the time, then you should find a professional to help. Is there a campus health department? Hang in there!

  6. davidprosser

    Comedians go out and entertain and make people laugh. In private they are often sad and depressed. I hope your friends take you seriously soon but you do need to see a doctor if you feel this way for long.
    xxx Hugs xxx


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